Johnny Cash Roadshow entertains Granddaughter of Johhny Cash.

Rosanne Cash wrote:
"Clives resemblance is uncanny"

Caitlin wrote:
"I had the pleasure to see the 'Johnny Cash Roadshow / Spirit Band' just this past weekend in Manchester. 

As a member of this family, the Cash Family, I was in awe of how incredible the performances were. Clive and Jill capture my Grandfather and Grandmother JUST as they were in this world they put a mark in. And not just the focus of the show, being those two talents, but the rest of the crew, absolutely brilliant.

I have never seen a stand up bass spun around that fast, just to predict the perfect punctuation for landing! And don't get me started on the electric and the drums! AMAZING!

I sincerely believe that there is an art form to "tributing", but this was absolutely authentic to the point where it felt as if it wasn't a tribute, per say, it was a rock-n-roll gig! given by some sincere rock-n-rollers! I am a fan!"

Caitlin Crowell Granddaughter of Mr. Johnny Cash and Mrs. June Carter Cash.


Clive with Kris Kristofferson backstage at St Davids Hall.



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